Security, Defence, And Military

Earth observation based on high-resolution satellite imagery has traditionally been a source of information for vitally important and critical issues of national security and defence

Border control, search operations and planning of preventive actions to ensure public order at the national and regional levels are key areas for the use of earth observation technologies.

  • Monitoring motorways and measuring utilization levels

    Border Control Organizations

    Earth observation technologies are especially valuable for real-time monitoring of land and marine borders in isolated and remote regions. Using high-resolution images from satellites, aerial photography and drones, it is possible to analyse large sets of historical data and draw up measures to prevent border violations at the regional and national levels.

  • Road structure analysis

    Police and Rescue Forces

    Using earth observation data for search and investigation helps to enhance their efficiency, create a modern data gathering process to carry out remote global monitoring of any given territory, including isolated and remote regions.

  • Military and Intelligence Services

    Military and Intelligence Services

    Earth observation technologies provide up-to-date information about infrastructure, logistics and military facilities in the context of local conflicts and can be used to monitor extensive geographical areas. It is especially valuable for rapid assessment of damage in local conflict zones.