EOS Data Analytics launches 7 optical satellites into a Low Earth Orbit

Get superior insights and make business decisions confidently with EOS SAT - the world's first agri-focused satellite constellation, among companies utilizing remote sensing technologies, uniquely designed to serve agricultural purposes.

EOS SAT Monitoring Land
Our Authenticity

Concept of EOS SAT Constellation

7 satellites in sun-synchronous orbit

Total area covered in 1 day: 10 000 000+ km2

Revisit of global farmlands and forest areas within 5-6 days

1-day revisit of target areas on tasking

Up to 100% coverage of the farmlands and forest areas globally

Full cycle from data acquisition to aсtionable insights delivery in 16-24 hours

EOS SAT satellites monitoring farmland
How it works

Complete Cycle from Satellite Assembly to Data Processing

Together with the companies which, like EOSDA, are all part of the Noosphere ecosystem, we've established a full-cycle operational process: from manufacturing and maintenance of satellite details to transforming satellite data into actionable products.


  • Satellite & payload manufacturing
  • Satellite launch
  • Space engineering and imager products

Satellite's Assembly and Launch

Manufacturing, assembling, and launching EOS SAT. Satellites follow the Earth on a sun-synchronous orbit and collect refracted light through 11 specialized bands

Independent, high-quality data

Manufacturing and integration of EO satellites through tasking or continuous monitoring


  • Mission control center
  • Data acquisition & storage

Receiving and Processing stations

Acquisition of imagery data by 4 ground stations in different parts of the world for the finest output


  • Data processing
  • Data fusion
  • Algorithms & Analytics
  • Product & services

Quality business insights from our solutions and software

Raw satellite imagery is processed by our proprietary algorithms and transformed into already existing and fully-functional products & services to benefit end-users

Our Mission

Empowering sustainable practices and precision agriculture worldwide

Thriving while mitigating climate change will require implementing a data-driven approach on every level of the agriculture business. Our mission is to enable each sector of the industry to introduce smart, sustainable agriculture practices that ensure the security of the food supply on Earth. EOS SAT technology allows growers to diminish carbon dioxide emissions and develop sustainable agriculture methods without financial losses.

Commitment to a sustainable future

Aligning with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our Satellites

Technical Characteristics

Reference Orbit SSO
Orbit Average Power 140 W
Design Lifetime 5-7 years
Mass 178 kg
Bus Voltage 24.5 V - 33.6 V
Constellation Deployment 2023 - Coming soon
GSD (Ground Sample Distance), Resolution Panchromatic 1.4 m
Multispectral 2.8 m
Swath Width 2 optical payloads with swath width of 44 km for the 500km altitude
Spectral Bands 13 Bands:
  • RGB
  • 2 NIR Channels
  • 3 RedEdge
  • WaterVapor
  • Aerosol
  • Pan
  • 2 SWIR
Satellite Monitoring the land

EOS SAT Constellation Roadmap

  • 2021

    Test Readiness Review Flight & Operations Readiness Review

  • 2023

    1st EOS SAT launch

  • Coming soon

    Next 6 EOS SAT satellites launch Full Operations Capability

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EOSDA Sent Its First Agro-Satellite On Jan 3 2023 To Orbit

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Build your own EOS SAT satellite
The Highlights

Benefits of using our precision agriculture big data

Complete cycle of acquisition and processing of satellite data
Better coverage for countries with small fields
Exact schedule for the next satellite pass
Market insights on a global scale
Exclusive data ownership in a territory
Сomplete history of images and indexes from all 7 satellites

We combine multiple data points that can be applied in every agriculture business sector


  • Streamline operations by leveraging field data
  • Achieve precision in field activities
  • Get critical information in a timely manner


  • Build strong and transparent relationships with partners
  • Monitor the effectiveness of inputs and compare it across seasons
  • Follow the latest global input supply market trends


  • Process claims more easily by having access to hard data
  • Assess risks in advance by tracking crop performance
  • Manage payout risks smarter by rating fields according to historical data


  • Allocate investments in a more risk-free way
  • Validate loan applications based on the field’s performance history
  • Ensure transparency between bank managers and the farmers


  • Get multiple data points from one source
  • Integrate EOSDA Products into your Platform via API access
  • Distribute the platform under your own brand with our White Label Solution


  • Monitor large areas at a time
  • Make accurate yield projections for entire regions
  • Prevent natural calamities
For Investors

Would you like to invest in the future of agriculture?

EOS SAT Monitoring Farmland
Our Product

Satellite-as-a-Service for agro purposes

Step 1


Vegetation indices, Soil moisture, Growth stages, Weather risks, Data manager, Fertility scripting

Step 2


Land cover & Land use, Crop classification, Field boundaries detection, Yield prediction, Harvest status monitoring, Cloud mask generation

Step 3


Virtual Farm, Farm Digital Twin Agro-Simulator
A virtual farm is a digital model of your farm's operation in near real time, built on an in-depth data analytics. Here, you can track field activities across all your fields at a time - spot and prevent threats, optimize key resources, perform effectively as a decision-maker