About Max Polyakov

Dr. Max Polyakov is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, the founder, chairman of EOS Data Analytics.

He shapes the strategy and philosophy of our company along with taking key decisions in business development.

For the last two decades Dr. Polyakov has launched many profitable businesses.

Max Polyakov in office
  • 2001

    Max Polyakov started his first company, one of the first outsourcing firms in Ukraine with clients in the US and Europe.

  • 2010-2012

    In 2010, Max Polyakov became the first Ukrainian entrepreneur to have a company listed on the London Stock Exchange when the IPO for Cupid plc was announced.

    In 2011, Deloitte named Cupid the fastest growing tech company in Scotland. Just before Max Polyakov left the project, Cupid was named the best performer on the London Stock Exchange for 2012.

  • 2014

    Max Polyakov became a general partner at the investment partnership Noosphere Ventures Partners. The company’s investment focus is concentrated on the digital, engineering, and space sectors.

  • 2015

    Polyakov has become well known among top U.S. investors. Oracle, the U.S. based multinational computer technology corporation, purchased Maxymiser in 2015. Several years after that sale, one of the world’s leading investment firms bought the assets of Murka Limited and Murka Entertainment Limited, which were co-owned by Polyakov.

    In 2015, Polyakov founded EOS Data Analytics Inc., which now offers groundbreaking services in spatial data analytics, GIS software, and satellite imagery.

  • 2016

    Continuing his lifelong philanthropic goals, Dr. Polyakov founded the Noosphere Association.
    He uses social initiatives to facilitate innovation and knowledge sharing, as well as promote STEM on a global scale.

  • 2017

    In 2017, Dr. Polyakov acquired the assets of Firefly Space Systems and relaunched the company as Firefly Aerospace.

    Dr. Polyakov’s goal with Firefly Aerospace is to provide economical and convenient access to space, from LEO to the surface of the Moon, in order to dramatically boost the world-wide space-based economy.

  • 2019

    Polyakov added projects such as SETS engines, EOS SAT optical satellites, and EOS SAR radars to his space portfolio.

  • 2020

    NASA commissioned Firefly Aerospace to develop the Space Utility Vehicle (SUV) – an electrically powered spacecraft capable of taking payloads to lunar orbit. The spacecraft was to become a link connecting the Firefly Alpha rocket with the Blue Ghost lunar landing module, thus ensuring the complete supply chain of payload delivery from the Earth to the Moon.

  • 2021

    Max Polyakov acquired Dragonfly Aerospace, a leading South African manufacturer of high-performance optical systems for wide spectral range monitoring of the Earth by large satellite constellations. In the future, the brand new Dragonfly Aerospace is planning to become a top supplier of optical and radar satellites and components.

    Firefly Aerospace Inc. conducted its first-ever orbital test of a small-lift launch vehicle – Alpha. The test achieved a successful first stage ignition, liftoff from the pad, and progression to supersonic speed. During the flight, the launch vehicle experienced an anomaly resulting in a safe termination of flight using the Flight Termination System (FTS).

Dr. Polyakov’s scientific activity

Max Polyakov also is an academic with more than 20 scientific papers to his name and is a co-author of 11 patents.

Max Polyakov received his PhD in 2013 after defending his dissertation in international economics on the topic «Development of Information Technology in the Global Economy.»

Dr. Polyakov describes himself as a follower of the philosophy of Volodymyr Vernadsky, the founder of both the Noosphere theory and Ukraine’s Academy of Sciences during the last century. Vernadsky believed that the noosphere is the highest of all spheres, the sphere of the reason, where «noos» means «knowledge.» This philosophy inspired Polyakov, who has created multiple projects and initiatives related to innovation and sharing knowledge with others.

dr Polyakov

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