Enhance precision farming with daily updated high-resolution satellite imagery

  • Deep dive into details at a 3m resolution
  • Near real-time monitoring thanks to daily satellite images
high-resolution satellite imagery

No more gaps in satellite monitoring throughout the season! Get up-to-date daily images of your fields 365 days a year

planet and satellites that revisit daily

Through the Clouds

Clouds are no longer a major concern, when you are getting satellite images updated daily

Early Detection

Detect issues with crops at the earliest stage and avoid irreparable damage thanks to daily satellite images

Improved Reporting

Generate more detailed reports and improve risk prediction accuracy thanks to daily satellite imagery


You get 11x more data about your fields thanks to 3m resolution

high vs higher resolution imagery comparison

NDVI Enhanced

Higher resolution expands NDVI capabilities: measure biomass at the earliest stage of development

Orchards & Vegetables

High-detail monitoring of orchards and vegetable crops, capable of resolving single plots

Higher Detail

Spot problems with crops at the earliest onset thanks to higher resolution allowing you to see more details on the image