Minerals and mining

The extraction of minerals is one of the key issues for the sustainable development of the economic sector. The most widespread challenges affecting the mining industry, such as declining mineral reserves, remote monitoring, geological exploration, supply chain optimization and monitoring of environmental impacts can be resolved with EOS.com solutions.

Case studies

The studies below showcase the results obtained with the help of EOS technologies. Review them to find the solution for your needs. Request a demo to see how it works. If you can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll assist you!
Mining Operation And Mineral Extraction

Mining operation and mineral extraction

Designing of efficient supply chain is one of the key issues in open-pit mining as transportation can account more than a half of production costs. EOSDA solutions allow our customers to detect changes, track mineral extraction, classify objects, build a 3D model to analyse and monitor supply chains from the raw material to the end product.

Illegal extraction of minerals is a severe problem when operating open-pit mines in remote areas. EOSDA enables near real-time tracking of cases of illegal mining and prompt provision of information to investors and management companies to assess extent of the losses and prevent illegal mining.

Regional planning and environmental assessment

The substantial environmental impact of mining operations is a major issue for the mining industry. EOSDA’ advanced technologies can be used to analyze and monitor remote areas, vegetation, water bodies, land subsidence and abandoned sites, enabling near real-time planning to prevent emergencies.

Regional Planning And Environmental Assessment
Production Planning And Forecasting

Production planning and forecasting

The problem of planning and forecasting production volumes for a specific period is critical for international associations, investors and traders who use statistical data on extraction volumes for business planning. With the support of Earth Observing Systems it is possible to track production volumes and capacity utilization of production facilities for prompt decision-making.