Using our forestry software, you can manage your forest assets remotely in near-real time. Verify inventory, supervise deforestation, and track the supply chain to make better-informed decisions. Receive forest fire risk alerts and predict fire spread rate to maintain forest health, thus reducing costs and increasing profit

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statistics on forest inventory

Verify statistical data on forest inventory and monitor deforestation

calculating harvest area

Precisely define, monitor, and calculate the harvest area

logging capacity within AOI

Accurately estimate the logging capacity within your AOI

pests and diseases monitoring

Monitor pests and diseases affecting forest health

tracking reforestation

Track growth dynamics of newly planted trees to evaluate reforestation success

forest map

Get a map of your forest site and accurate calculation of the selected sites for detailed monitoring

forest estate value estimation

Estimate the value of forest estate land and individual plots

access disaster impact

Assess impact of natural and man-made disasters

disaster notifications

Receive regular notifications and assess natural & man-made disaster risks

remote asset

Get control over remote forest assets

forest cover mask

Get a relevant forest cover mask for the area that has power grids

power lines near the trees

Detect change and receive alerts when the forest zone approaches the power lines and wires

weather alerts

Get severe weather warnings and forest fire risk alerts within your AOI

wood supplies

Track wood supply chain

timber logistics

Manage and plan logistics operations more efficiently

deforestation image

Make sure to comply with the legal requirements for deforestation

trucks with wood

Ensure supply chain traceability and transparency

detailed map

Detailed monitoring of forest assets with the most current maps

different tree species

Manage forest assets more efficiently thanks to remote tree species classification

impact of disaster

Disaster impact assessment

global warming effects

Monitor global climate change impact - global warming, green gas emissions, and more

deforestation and carbon recycling

Predict the impact of deforestation & forest fire on carbon recycling

Forest Fire Mitigation

Prevent forest fires or mitigate their impact based on satellite data

fire in the forest
  • Prevent forest fires or mitigate their impact with the help of satellite data
  • Detect potential forest fires and/or hotspots in near-real time
  • Map burned areas and measure fire intensity remotely using NBR and BAI indices
  • Mitigate impact from wildfires with a timely alert system
  • Analyze forest fire aftermath, including timber volume losses and burned out area estimation
Reducing deforestation

Reduce deforestation and maintain forest health in your AOIs via satellite imagery

fire in the forest
  • Reveal crucial deforestation patterns based on the definitive catalog of historical and up-to-date satellite imagery
  • Detect changes in forest cover and abnormally high temperatures, track logging, and more
  • Make better-informed decisions thanks to email notifications about changes in forest cover within your AOI
  • Forest health monitoring: evaluate productivity of forest stands and detect water stress
Benefits entailed

There's more in store for you

Optimize Your Time

  • Save time on generating reports
  • Remote access to the latest data on forest assets anytime anywhere
  • Receive change detection and problem areas alerts

Cut Costs

  • Regular risk alerts speed up decision-making process and help minimize damage
  • Reduce costs on monitoring forest assets with remote sensing technologies
  • Make reliable predictions of logging, logistical, and storage costs

Convenient Remote Forest Management

  • Create the most current forestry maps, estimate area and assess health
  • Regular forest reports, monitoring, before/after comparison, indices, analytics, supply chain development, and more, all available in one place
  • Understand global forest processes


  • Monitor forest carbon stock to lower the negative impact of carbon emissions on the global climate
  • Stay aware of any illegal logging operations by monitoring deforestation from space
  • Estimate the disaster aftermath with satellite images before and after a forest fire

We fuse high-quality satellite data with machine learning and advanced analytics to generate predictive insights

We apply a number of custom and regular algorithms to process satellite imagery

Fusing satellite data with machine learning allows for generation of actionable geospatial insights into forest health in your AOI

All the data is easily accessible on the EOSDA platform or can be integrated into any GIS software