Observe crops with more precision to get better profits from every hectare

  • Find problem spots in time
  • Record field observations on-the-go
  • Schedule corrective actions
scout in the crop field

Detect issues that affect yield at an early stage

Detecting issues at a later stage increases a risk of crop failure and yield losses

Fungus, Pests, Diseases
Irrigation & Fertilization Issues
Flooding & Drought

Monitor scouting operations anywhere anytime

Access all your fields from the office

All the data collected by the scouts in the field is immediately available in the web version online

scouting app desktop version
Work with the fields offline

To do their job, scouts do not need to be online all the time. Recorded data will be available as soon as the internet connection is back

crop scouting offline map crop scouting offline map crop scouting offline map
No Internet connection
Get notified right away

Stay updated on all the field-related events with scouting reports, weather forecasts, and more

farm scouting mobile notification

Scouting reveals what's holding you back from getting the most out of your crops. Increase profit with better-informed agronomic decisions


Minimize your effort while maximizing profit

Reduce operational expenses

The use of satellite imagery data and advanced analytics helps significantly decrease farm operational expenses

Decrease reporting time

Scouting saves you time on collecting data in one place and generating reports. Various case studies prove that the use of precision farming tech can reduce average time required for ag scouting from 1 hour to 5 min, increasing the number of attended farms to 15 per day

Reduce overheads and variable costs

Faster and better-informed decision-making allows farmers to exclude such overheads as permanent labor salary and cut variable costs on fuel, repairing, and other activities

Improve ROI

ROI up to


per HA
Plan and Grow

Improve planning strategies and make better-informed decisions in the next season thanks to a more efficient scouting


Suits everyone


Save time and cut costs by sending scouts directly to problem spots, and maintain better crop health overall as a result

Insurance Companies

Get a more accurate picture of the state of your clients' fields to reduce the risk of fraudulent claims

Advisers & Consultants

Reduce time and cut costs on crop scouting with a multi-functional mobile app connected to your web account


Download a free mobile app, and join a good company of precision ag professionals

All-in-one Scouting app is your daily field assistant performing greatly both on and offline

ag scout mobile application

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