Space infrastructure

On-the-go analytics backed by own satellite data

A satellite ecosystem is part of a life-long quest to bring the opportunities of Space to Earth, empowering humanity to build a better, more sustainable future.

satellite ecosystem for effective data analysis

Establishing our own satellite constellation to provide our customers with high-quality data

satellite imagery for inductrial needs


Around-the-clock spatial data updates for multiple industries: mining, oil & gas, agriculture, forestry, construction communications, transport and more
  • Satellite infrastructure for precise monitoring and timely change detection
  • 7 optical imaging satellites for modeling vegetation maps and assessing specific vegetation parameters
  • Sun-synchronous orbits with a 3-day revisit to get information from any part of the planet
  • Target area revisit within every 24 hours, on demand

Optical and SAR satellites operate in tandem to provide detailed spatial data

EOS space infrastructure of satellite network


In the satellite industry, the prime focus is turned to small satellites with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payloads. These radars use advanced technologies to penetrate upper atmosphere interference, cloud cover, and foliage, compensating for the downsides of purely optical imagery. As a result, SAR provides high-resolution images of the Earth's surface even if the target area is obscured.

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