EOSDA LandViewer: Tackling global changes with satellite data

EOSDA LandViewer is a satellite observation imagery tool that allows for on-the-fly searching, processing and getting valuable insights from satellite data to tackle real business issues

  • On-the-fly processing
  • Smart analytical tools
  • Compatible with GIS tools
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satellite in the space

Get high-resolution images for analytics

Unique proposition

The USP’s main objective is to deliver the high-detail data in the fastest and safest way possible.

Global coverage

In our catalog you can find satellite imagery ranging from 0.4 meter per pixel for any AOI at a reasonably low cost.

Save time, cut costs

Ordering high-quality images directly from EOSDA LandViewer is a very cost-effective and time-saving offer.

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EOSDA LandViewer as a time-saver for satellite imagery search

Wasting time on finding the right satellite image of Earth with high resolution? EOSDA LandViewer instantly focuses on specific area(s) of interest to help you find exactly what you are looking for in a short time

Thanks to the on-the-fly spectral index calculations, you can easily download a processed image suitable to your needs, saving time and using less space on your device. Benefit from EOSDA LandViewer’s preview and сonvenient imagery download solutions.

satellite making images using multi-band combination

Review them to find the solution for your needs.

Huge Library

EOSDA LandViewer is a convenient daily satellite images processing tool

Earth view observation via on-the-fly processing, user-friendly interface, and a number of powerful features

  • Huge catalog
  • Simple Interface
  • Mosaic Search
EOSDA LandViewer library of satellite images

Instant access to petabytes of historical and current satellite images

EOSDA LandViewer simple interface

Find satellite images of Earth of any scale in 2 clicks by selecting the area of interest on the map or by entering the location name in the search bar

mosaic search in EOSDA LandViewer

On-the-fly imagery analytics and download of any image suitable for your own business purposes. Mosaic allows merging multiple scenes into one and performing satellite images mapping of any large area.


EOSDA LandViewer imagery processing technologies

To analyze the data retrieved from satellite imagery of high resolution, we employ a wide array of tools and methods, suitable for most industries

We use a variety of band combinations tailored to specific types of data that need to be extracted from the imagery. Applying different combinations to the same AOI, you can get more data-driven insights from any satellite image.

With the help of the Mosaic feature, you can always make sure no sections of AOI remain “overboard”. Just combine up to date satellite images from the same sensor for a set location, so they cover the whole area of interest, generating all the insights you need.

We offer a time-series analysis to visualize data dynamics within your AOI on a graph. You can choose between an impressive number of indices to process the image with, depending on the type of change you wish to detect, including land use, vegetation growth, crop identification, and more.

Time-lapse animation allows you to create a video out of a series of satellite images of earth taken in the same AOI, to see change as it happens in real time. You can publish the final video on social media to create a positive social impact around the globe.

The Clustering feature highlights particular types of data on the image as a separate layer on the map, focusing on such attributes as crop yield, areas with different vegetation types, water temperature and salinity, deforestation, among others.

Using the split view tool, you can compare the old satellite images of a particular AOI with the new ones on the same screen, applying different band combinations and spectral indices to generate more insights about the dynamics of change.


Share your imagery around the globe

We created EOSDA LandViewer as a software which would allow users from different areas of expertise participate in a profitable and mutually beneficial exchange of satellite imagery. Here you can buy and resell images with a level of detail suitable for most industries: agriculture, forestry, mining, fires monitoring, ocean plastic pollution detection, and more.

WMS (Web Maps Service) is a perfect way to integrate EOSDA LandViewer data into a 3rd party tool. You can browse for the most recent satellite images on EOSDA LandViewer and then use popular analytics applications to process them further. Connect the globe visually.

sharing EOSDA LandViewer images around the globe

EOSDA LandViewer Benefits

  • Earth exploration
  • Data distribution

We have compiled a large catalog of satellite imagery derived from a significant amount of sensors for areas of interest all around the globe. Here you can search, process, and share images all in one place.

We offer a set of powerful technologies to process on-the-fly and visualize the results of the primary analysis on the screen.

The tool has an intuitive interface which makes it super easy to select the date, location and sensor type; order and get the latest images from our extensive network of satellite data providers

We let you instantly synthesize useful results from a data source to generate, among others, RGB composites and spectral indices, using a wide range of settings selected in just a few clicks

You can integrate EOSDA LandViewer into the advanced EOS platform as well as into any 3-d party GIS software, enabling a full circle of geodata workflow to extract actionable insights. Tackle real-world business tasks with EOSDA LandViewer.

Enjoy access to all of our amazing features on one platform, find potential customers and increase your revenue with remote sensing data insights.

Store up to 256 GB of data safely in your personal cloud on EOSDA Storage, access it instantly whenever you need, and share this data freely with other users.

Exchange, deliver, and share imagery among users both inside and outside the platform.