Satellite Crop Monitoring For Farm Consultants

EOS Data Analytics is one of the top global providers of geospatial analytics in agriculture and forestry, with a number of successfully developed and deployed products and years of experience. Our tested digital precision agriculture platform for remotely managing crop production – EOSDA Crop Monitoring – is an indispensable tool for farmers, agronomists, insurers, agriculture consultants, and other market players. We also offer AI-powered custom solutions on request.

agricultural consultant on a field

How We Help Agriculture Consultants

We understand the most common challenges the agriculture consulting companies are dealing with. Remote sensing technologies have already transformed agriculture in every country of the world – they’re cost-effective, time-efficient, and sustainable. EOSDA technologies will help you with:

Difficulty collecting and processing large volumes of data

On the EOSDA Crop Monitoring platform, agriculture consulting firms will get fast and easy access to large volumes of data from sources like satellite imagery, weather data providers, and ground stations. Having all the data in one place will save you lots of time and money.

vegetation index monitoring on a field

Lack of fact-checked information for decision-making

The impressive array of tools and data types available on the EOSDA Crop Monitoring platform - vegetation indices, vegetation & productivity maps, historical data, 14-day weather forecast, and many more - will allow agriculture strategy consulting players to easily make fact-checked financial, and organizational recommendations on the farm activities for the maximum profit.

historical weather data analytics
field zoning according to the level of vegetation

Inefficient scouting: lack of precision builds up to blind spots and time loss.

Thanks to satellite monitoring and remote sensing tech, farm consultants can remotely assess the state of crops in large numbers of fields in minutes and send the scouts to pre-analyzed geo-tagged locations.

adding scouting tasks on a field

Being on the same level as your competitors does not take you far

With EOSDA Crop Monitoring, agricultural advisors decidedly increase their competitive advantage thanks to 24/7 access to current and historical data, notifications on NDVI drop signalizing crop stress, and other crucial information at your fingertips.

notifications about the threats on a field

Slow business growth and difficulty with reaching new markets

The capabilities of EOSDA Crop Monitoring provide every opportunity for the agriculture consulting businesses to rapidly expand covering a wider range of croplands, growing client base exponentially, and winning over new markets.

night satellite image

Lack of one unified platform to monitor customers occupied in different areas of the agro industry.

EOSDA White Label Solution is a one-stop platform that can unite all of your clients regardless of their area of work within the agricultural industry.

vegetation monitoring on several fields in the region

Features Of EOSDA Crop Monitoring For Agricultural Consultants

Our platform is equipped with a broad choice of tools each of which has been tested and perfected to solve a specific agricultural problem. The end goal of the platform and it's features for farm consultants is to eliminate guesswork, reduce expenses, enhance time and resource allocation, and endorse sustainable agriculture practices.

Advanced Vegetation Indices

An impressive array of vegetation indices beyond NDVI to remotely measure multiple different aspects of vegetation development.

  • Use the right index at the right time and for the right purpose for maximum effect.
  • Build cost-effective variable fertilizer application maps based on vegetation index values.
  • Spot the issues with the crops even at the earliest and latest stages of development and take the appropriate measures in time, thus preventing unnecessary yield losses.
  • Develop the most efficient strategies by accessing custom vegetation indices tailored to specific region, crop type, and more.
vegetation indexes on EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Weather Analytics

Advanced weather analytics based on historical data, current measurements, and accurate forecasts.

  • Enhance planting strategies by taking into account potential adverse weather conditions (cold stress, heat stress, water stress, drought, etc.).
  • Reduce financial risks related to unexpected changes in temperature and rainfall patterns based on both historical data and hyper-local 14-day forecast.
  • Improve field activity planning based on 5-year average temperature and precipitation data.
  • Predict yields based on the historical weather data for a particular field/area.
  • Prevent yield loss by getting notified on critical weather conditions.
  • Reveal the hidden trends of the reccuring weather patterns based on data amassed since 1979.
weather conditions illustration

Mobile Scouting App

Mobile assistant for scouts in the fields with multiple benefits.

  • Higher transparency between agricultural consultants and their customers via shared access to the accounts.
  • Allocate scouts more efficiently by managing them online in one place.
  • Easily assign tasks in just a few taps.
  • Track completion of all scout tasks on one screen.
  • Scouts can easily use the app in offline mode, take snapshots, add data on crop threats, and more.
  • Get notified of any scout activities (completion, reports, assigning or reassigning tasks).
  • Eliminate paperwork with the detailed online scout reports generated directly in the application.
  • Prevent crop failure and yield losses by sending scouts to the exact locations without delays.
scouting feature illustration

Team Management

Shared account for accessing all data in one place and delegating tasks.

  • Bring the management of your clients to a new level with quick access to data about every client's field.
  • Control the amount of data you are sharing with customers and/or colleagues by adjusting permission settings in the account.
  • Instant access to all the necessary information for agronomists, agricultural consultants, scouts, and other team players.
  • Build trusted relationships with customers thanks to shared access to objective data.
  • Showcase the effectiveness of your recommendations to your customers.
access to data for multiple team members


Breaking a field into zones for a more in-depth analysis to eliminate guesswork.

  • Provide recommendations on maintaining day-to-day crop health based on accurate in-zone field analytics.
  • Build a competitive strategy to improve crop performance based on the data retrieved for each individual zone of a field.
  • Advise your clients on more time-efficient and cost-effective methods of fertilizer application.
  • Increase your competitive edge by demonstrating total savings on fertilizer application using our savings calculator.
  • Vegetation and Productivity maps can be downloaded to the agricultural machinery.
  • Enhance agricultural inputs strategies with productivity maps based on years of data collected and available on the platform.
  • Save money while conducting land valuations by taking soil samples in pre-analyzed areas of the field.
zoning feature illustration

Split View

Tool for comparing different types of data or similar data for different dates on one screen.

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of your recommendations (before and after).
  • Discover true causes of low crop performance by comparing multiple layers of data, such as vegetation maps, slope maps, elevation maps, and more.
  • Analyze the state of crops using several vegetation indices in one screen.
comparison of field vegetation for 2 dates


White Label Solution For Agriculture Consultants

Based on EOSDA Crop Monitoring, our white label solution retains all the helpful tools and features plus flexible customization.

  • EOSDA Crop Monitoring under your own brand and logo.
  • Select color theme preferences to your taste.
  • Full technical support at every stage.
  • Platform hosted on your own domain.
  • Mobile Scouting application to complement the platform.
  • Super convenient admin panel for managing customers without breaking a sweat.
customization of EOSDA platform wtih White Label

API For Agricultural Consultants

EOSDA Crop Monitoring features as technical documentation for your website or application.

  • Raw, processed, and analyzed satellite imagery at your fingertips.
  • Wide range of options when it comes to farming statistics - from a single point to the whole region.
  • Fast and easy access to weather analytics - 7-day forecast, historical archive, and more.
  • Over ten different vegetation indices.
  • Multiple sources of data to choose from.
  • Historical weather data going back 20 years.
EOSDA Crop Monitoring data available through API

Custom Solutions On Request

Solutions for farm consultants and other market players developed by our team of RnD scientists and engineers and successfully tested in the field.

  • Enhance crop production management strategies by predicting yield for upcoming seasons.
  • Get ahead of your competitors with market trends thanks to crop classification maps.
  • Field boundaries detected and accurately represented on the map for entire regions.
  • Plan better with data on the progress of harvest across multiple fields at once.
  • Advanced soil moisture analytics.
field boundaries and other custom solutions for ag consultants


Agricultural consultants are welcome to benefit from EOSDA partnership program.

  • Business expansion opportunities via reselling.
  • Demos, presentations, training & onboarding sessions, sales & marketing promotional materials.
  • Project discounts, dedicated account manager, press releases & blogs, conference attendance sponsored by EOSDA, and more.
  • The most successful resellers get rewarded according to clearly stated criteria.
  • Attracting new clients by showcasing successful field management projects carried out with the help of EOSDA solutions.
Partnership opportunities for agriculture consultants

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