Satellite Monitoring

We rely on the latest satellite data, processed and analyzed with widely-used and custom algorithms, such as field contours, tile-based map rendering, VI dynamics, cloud/shadow mapping, change detection, among others. Monitor multiple fields at once, track the VI change in correlation with the weather, growth stages, crop rotation, and other data. Get notified via email and make precision-driven decisions, thus increasing yields and revenue.

Field monitoring

Have a bird’s-eye view of your fields. Get notified about both regular and abnormal changes in the state of your crops throughout the season, based on the automatic VI calculations.

crop classification map by EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Vegetation indices

Benefit from the algorithm that identifies vegetation density levels on the field throughout the season. Use different vegetation indices (NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI, ReCl) at different growth stages to get the most accurate information about the health of the crops.

vegetation indices on EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Improved cloud mask

Let the system automatically detect clouds over the fields.

cloud mask on EOSDA Crop Monitoring EOS AI Clouds

Water stress detection

Prevent harvest loss by letting the app detect and analyze abnormal precipitation and critical sudden NDVI change. Take necessary precautions in a timely manner.

water stress detection on EOSDA Crop Monitoring
growth stages on EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Growth stages

Track growth stages of your crops on the chart, according to the international BBCH-scale. Check the correlations between growth stages and other data on the chart (vegetation indices, temperatures, precipitation, among others) and make appropriate field treatment decisions, thus lowering costs and increasing yields.

corn field

Crop Rotation

Forget paperwork. Crop rotation data for each field, including sowing dates and season, is conveniently displayed, along with the map, weather data, and vegetation indices, in one screen. Add crops, their sowing dates, seasons, and access this data anytime anywhere.

wheat field

Coming Soon

High-resolution imagery

Make the best use of commercial satellite imagery with a resolution of ~0.5 -1.5 m/pxl that we offer as a stand-alone data-source for analytics purposes.

layers of satellite images

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