Retail And GEO-Marketing

Geomarketing is a field that requires a special approach in terms of Earth Remote Sensing: because it is used to take management decisions, the information provided must be
as precise as possible.

Case Studies

The studies below showcase the results obtained with the help of EOS technologies. Review them to find the solution for your needs. Request a demo to see how it works. If you can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll assist you!
Retail and geo-marketing

Retail. Traffic Analysis

The most widespread means of using information obtained from processing of satellite imagery is traffic analysis for big retailers. This involves analysing the utilization of car parks around shopping centres through a combination of Change Detection and Object Classification technologies. Object classification, in turn, is based on the application of Artificial Intelligence, in particular Convolutional Neural Nets. To expand the potential of this type of analysis, we use additional characteristics such as infrastructure, remoteness from key highways and number of nearby nonindustrial buildings. All these additional parameters are a synthesis of classification and object identification technologies and data from third-party sources.

Market Analysis

When using ERS data for market analysis it is essential to take account of the accuracy and provenance of the information received. It is also important to have expertise in the relevant field, as this is the key to successful interpretation of the data. Markets can be analysed using Land Classification and Change Detection technologies combined with calculation of Spectral Indices. In various combinations with expert assessments, industry insights and data from third party sources, macro analyses can be made as efficient as possible with the help of Earth Remote Sensing technologies.

Other Analytics

ERS data can also be used for mapping urbanized areas, paying special attention to features with direct relevance to geomarketing, such as:

  • assessment of land value, ownership, type, use etc.
  • land stewardship (use, plots)
  • precision mapping
  • mapping of urban areas
  • urban atlases