Communication is a vital component of contemporary civilization.
Although communications specialists have been using satellite technologies for a long time now, this has not included remote sensing.

EOSDA image processing However, there are now several ways of using in the communications sector:

  • Building surface models

    It is no secret that the propagation of radio waves depends on the landscape and the relief of the Earth’s surface. Using Earth Remote Sensing it is possible to build signal propagation models with the help of SAR technology. These models make it is easy to identify weaknesses in communication networks and to establish continuous observation of changes by applying Change Detection.
  • Monitoring the status of communication nodes

    Wireless technologies are developing fast. People’s needs are growing just as quickly, together with the number of base stations required to transmit data. These stations can be located in all sorts of places, from isolated mountain areas to the roofs of residential buildings. But all of them need to be monitored regularly.
  • Data mapping

    To understand all the processes occurring in this sphere it is best to display the information on a high-precision map. One important factor here is the frequency of updating of the satellite images underlying these maps. Thus, by displaying information on the status of communication nodes, a surface model and data from other sources such as population density, it is possible to provide a holistic picture of what is going on in any location.