Transport and mobility have always played a vital role in human activity, so monitoring and analysis of transport and transport flows is an extremely important tool for improving the efficiency of transport systems in any continent, region or town.

Case Studies

The studies below showcase the results obtained with the help of EOSDA technologies. Review them to find the solution for your needs. Request a demo to see how it works. If you can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll assist you!

EOSDA’s functionality offers the ability to analyse transport flows by detecting and counting vehicles on roads, civilian aircraft in airports, and freight vehicles.

  • Monitoring motorways and measuring utilization levels

    Monitoring Motorways and Measuring Utilization Levels

    The utilization level of a highway at any given moment in time can be measured using our neural network-based object classification technology, which detects and counts the number of passenger and freight vehicles on the road at the time an image is taken. This information can be used for future planning of traffic interchanges and to explore the potential for retail zones in different sections of the highway.

  • Road Structure Analysis

    Road Structure Analysis

    Another aspect of transport system analysis offered by EOSDA is the detection and extraction from images of information on the structure of road surfaces. This can help when planning the work of emergency response services by quickly identifying where changes have occurred in the structure of a road surface or where a road has become impassable.

  • Analysis of Airport Workload

    Analysis of Airport Workload

    By identifying and counting the number of aircraft in various airports around the world it is possible to measure airport workloads and monitor changes over lengthy periods to analyse whether a specific airport is being used rationally in one’s own logistics chain at any given moment in time.

  • Ports


    EOSDA helps global traders to monitor port workloads, helping to assess the risks around delivering cargoes to a specific port and improving the quality of supply chain planning and analysis for different commodity groups.

  • Rail


    With the help of EOSDA technologies it is possible to plot a railroad bed and associated infrastructure facilities. Analysis of satellite images can help to identify obstacles on the railroad bed and quickly pinpoint the locations of accident on the line.